Hi, we're nebula labs.

Based in Cleveland OH, we're a tiny team making awesome no-code things on the internet.

What is no-code?

No-Code, or "Visual Development", is a relatively new type of software development that allows you to build software visually, without writing the code yourself.

Working in No-Code allows us to build products at a super-high speed, and super-low cost.

Just because we use No-Code tools doesn't mean that we don't actually write any code (contrary to the name!). In fact, the majority of our projects do still have some code within them. Using these tools does, however, allow us to kickstart the process and speed up the design and development of our products.

Is No-Code the future? Maybe. Right now, it's a great way to get the ball rolling on a project, and allows scalability and features that would take quite a while to create the old-fashioned way.

Got more no-code questions? Give us a shout and we'd be happy to discuss.

in addition to client projects, we work on some of our own:

Tiny, temporary Minecraft servers. Perfect for you and a few friends to play together. Servers last for 24 hours and cost just $1 USD. Yup, one dollar.


nebula labs / PO Box 770331 / Lakewood, OH 44107

(866) 222-8040

Interested in working with us on something? Please get in touch!

Privacy Stuff:

We will not collect any more information than needed to provide you with a great experience.Whatever information we collect, we won’t share with third parties beyond the technical requirements of third-party services (like Google Analytics).Whenever possible, we’ll anonymize whatever data we have.We won’t sell your data under any circumstances.Someone may someday acquire us, and they’ll get your data as a result. If that happens, they won’t be allowed to sell it either. Unless they get your permission. Don’t give it to them unless they offer something really cool.If someone acquires us, they'll have the ability to change this policy. They'll have to notify you first, though.We might email you to tell you about cool stuff. We’ll do our best to keep it interesting and not annoy you.Some people just hate getting email at all. We get that. If you want us to stop, let us know and we’ll stop.We’ll never subject you to a passive-aggressive guilt trip about unsubscribing to marketing emails. Ew.If you want to leave our services, that’s okay. No hard feelings. We’ll remove your data as soon as possible. It may take a while because backups, but we won’t put any artificial delays in place.This isn’t really a privacy thing, but you know those apps that send you annoying notifications reminding you to use the app, or trying to entice you to look at stuff you don’t care about? That’s not us. We won’t do that.If we ever accidentally do that, we’ll understand if you send a grumpy email. We'll deserve it.We won’t share any data with government or law enforcement unless required to by law.We have never shared any user information with a government or law enforcement agency. We won’t be able to tell you if we have, so keep an eye out for future versions of this privacy policy with this line missing.We don't have your credit card information. Our processing partner, Stripe, does. We trust them to keep it safe.We’ll only use that information to bill you for service, charge you for merchandise that you’ve chosen to buy, or otherwise charge you for things that you explicitly request.We only use your phone number to send you notifications you explicitly request. We promise not to sell it to anyone.We may anonymize data about trends and share that with the press or with partners. This will always be done in the spirit of improving the service, and never at the expense of your privacy.We will not use any kind of technology that utilizes your microphone or camera to gather data about you for marketing purposes. Weird that this would even be a concern, right?We may occasionally need to change this policy. We’ll be sure to let you know. This might require us sending you an annoying email. We’re sorry in advance.
Questions? Concerns? Holler at us.

These legal bits were blatantly stolen from the similarly-named, yet completely unaffiliated watchnebula.com. Thanks!